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In the yoga community there is a traditional greeting expressed on meeting or parting known as Namaste. The gesture represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us. With folded hands and a slight bow the word ‘Namaste’ is spoken between two or more people. Translated: the light that resides inside of me, sees and honors the light that is inside of you.


You arrived on the planet with that unique light inside of you. Do you hear an inner calling that you can’t ignore? It’s your inner voice whispering to you, trying to help you see your innate gifts, talents, and purpose. It’s telling you that they need to be shared, that it is time for you to shine your light.


It is the light of consciousness within you.  Connecting you to everything and yet completely unique to you.  As you become aware of the light within, that light reveals the Truth to you. It is the guru within.  The word ‘guru’ means dispeller of darkness.


Many of us seek outside guides, gurus, and teachers to support us on our journeys of awakening. The purpose of a guide, guru, or teacher is to introduce us to that light. Teachers come and go. We need to learn how to listen to and trust the guru inside of us. Go to the inner levels of your being and be guided by the light that is already within you. As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.



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The Music


This group of conscious artists invite us to shine our light so brightly that others can find their way out of the darkness. Sadly Joni Mitchell’s song ‘Shine‘ and  Shawn Mullins ‘Shimmer‘ are not available on iTunes, at least not in the Canadian store. I do hope that you can find other sources to purchase these as they are powerful songs. Joni invites us to shine our light on the broken systems and structures on the planet. She challenges us to shine our light on the person who cuts us off in traffic and the corrupt politician, reminding us that the exact same light that resides in us also resides in them. Shawn’s song is about how when we arrive on the planet we are the closest to God that we will ever be during our human experience. As we get immersed into society, the teachings/fears of our parents and education systems, our light gets dimmed – many trying to extinguish our light. As we awaken, we search for that light only to find that it never left us.


I would like to invite you to support these artists by purchasing the songs that you resonate with. Illegal downloading cripples independent artists like myself; we can’t keep producing music without your love and support – plus it’s good karma and honors the energetic flow between us…


Sample the Playlist



Support the Artists (links to iTunes)

Song Title

Clear Quartz

Gayatri Mantra

This Little Light of Mine



Brighten Up

Shimmer (Acoustic Version)


Namaste Song

Very Star

Long Time Sun




Deva Premal

Elizabeth Mitchell

Joni Mitchell

Donavon Frankenreiter


Shawn Mullins

Tina Malia & Shimshai

Kira Willey

Drum & Bell Tower

Snatam Kaur



True Crystals

The Essence

You Are My Flower


Glow (Deluxe Edition)

The Love – EP

The Essential Shawn Mullins

Jaya Bhagavan

Dance for the Sun

Burn Beneath the Water


True Yoga


Some yoga teachers covet their playlists but I believe we need to move the music medicine around the planet to support the awakening that is unfolding within each of us. We need to support these beautiful artists so that they can continue producing music that will lift the vibration of the planet. Please share the blog and if you know of some really great songs/artists that need to be included in future playlists, connect with me. Love & Light my friends…


Shri Ananda is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, musician, and spiritual filmmaker creating music and stories to help us awaken to who we really are. Shri is a grounded and joyful yoga teacher who invites you to journey inward. His classes promote self-understanding, intuition, and transformation from the inside-out through mindful movement and breath work. Ananda is known for his themed ‘Gentle Spirit Yoga’ classes – combining gentle yoga with spiritual exploration through music . He is presently instructing at Ekahi Yoga Center in Kelowna, British Columbia and hosts retreats around the world.





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