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Standing in the shower with only the dim light of a salt lamp in the room, the day begins to wash off of me. I am observing my own busy mind planning, worrying, and trying to figure things out. As I continue to be the witness of the mind chatter, I have the knowing that once I step into the tank in front of me –  I step into presence.

For over a year now, floating has become part of my regular meditation practice. As someone who teaches meditation, I can confidently tell you that floating is the most powerful form that I have ever experienced. It eliminates the challenges that many people building a meditation practice experience from discomfort in the physical body to distractions created from light or sound. A sensory deprivation tank unplugs you from the world. The beautiful staff and management of Float Space in Kelowna, BC create and maintain an energy and ambience for you to easily journey inward.

As I close the tank door and lean back into the salt water my body immediately becomes buoyant.  If you could experience floating on a cloud, this would be the sensation.  Many people choose to wear earplugs during a float, I’ve never liked the feeling of something squished in my ear so I go without. Tiny bubbles of air escaping from my submerged ears, rising to the surface are the last external sounds that I will hear for the next 60 minutes. For a moment there is complete silence…..

A gentle high pitch ringing in my ears emerges from within. It is a frequency that vibrates so high that I can only hear it in the silence.  Perhaps it is the transition into the 5th dimension or a download my body is integrating. The tribal beat of my own heart is now felt and heard as the bass pulses my eardrums, wrists, and chest. I smile at the noticing.

My consciousness knows that I have the intention to blog about today’s float experience and my mind tells me to mentally lock in each sensation. I smile again at the ridiculousness of assigning my mind a task during a meditation. I surrender the thought, I breathe. I follow my next inhalation down to my low belly, my mid belly, and into my upper chest. Feeling them expand and rise as they take in life force energy, witnessing them soften as I exhale and release everything that I am ready to let go of. This three part breathe is known as the Dirga breathe in the yoga community. I continue to follow it until the body takes it on itself in an effortless flow. As the thoughts fade I feel a sensation of being wrapped in a blanket of calmness.

I find that it can sometimes be a tricky balancing act of dropping into this level of relaxation for meditation without falling asleep. I can be honest and tell you that it happens to me from time to time during a float or meditation.  I’ve learned to make sure to have had plenty of rest and avoid heavy carb meals before a float.

Each float experience is almost always completely unique and I look forward to sharing some of them with you in future posts. Today’s offering is around dropping into the meditation zone. Surrender the thoughts and energies of what has already unfolded in your day, your week. Surrender the thoughts of what needs to be done after your float or later in the week. Honor that you have gifted yourself this time to drop into presence and know that you can do all of this through the breathe. The mantra that I share with my clients is Breathe, Notice, Choose.

Connecting to the breathe brings us into presence, this creates the space for us to be able to notice what is going on within us and what our options are. When we create this level of awareness we can begin to see options that did not even exist or that we couldn’t see up until this moment. Now we have choice. We can choose to continue to feed whatever thought keeps presenting itself by giving it our attention (which is what the ego mind wants) or we can surrender the thought by not attaching to it. Breathe, Notice, Choose…

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Shri Ananda is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, musician, and spiritual filmmaker creating music and stories to help us awaken to who we really are. Shri is a grounded and joyful yoga teacher who invites you to journey inward. His classes promote self-understanding, intuition, and transformation from the inside-out through mindful movement and breath work. Ananda is known for his themed ‘Gentle Spirit Yoga’ classes – combining gentle yoga with spiritual exploration through music . He is presently instructing at Tandava Yoga in Kelowna, British Columbia and hosts retreats around the world.





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