Healing the Wounded Child Within: A Journey of Self Discovery and Healing

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Our childhood experiences leave a lasting imprint on our lives, shaping how we perceive ourselves, others, and the world around us. For many of us, childhood was not always easy. We may have experienced abandonment, neglect, abuse, or other traumas that left deep emotional wounds that never healed completely. These wounds continue to affect our lives, often without our realization, until we learn to heal the wounded child within us.


Who is the wounded child? 

The wounded child is the part of ourselves that carries the emotional and psychological pain from our childhood experiences. This part of us is often frozen in time, still feeling the same fears, hurts, and insecurities that we felt as a child. Our inner child affects our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the present, influencing our relationships, self-esteem, and overall well-being.


Why heal the wounded child? 

Healing the wounded child within is essential for emotional and spiritual growth. When we learn to treat ourselves with compassion and understanding, we can begin to break free from the negative patterns that have kept us stuck in pain and suffering. By healing our wounded child, we can let go of old resentments, fears, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. We can reconnect with our true selves, find our voice and our passions, and create a life purpose and fulfillment.


How do I heal my wounded child? 

Healing the wounded child is a journey. It requires patience, self-awareness, and a willingness to face our fears and vulnerabilities. Here are some steps yo can take to begin the healing process:

  1. Acknowledge the pain – The first step is to acknowledge the pain and the wounds of the past. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come up without judgment or resistance. Validate your experience and give yourself permission to heal.
  2. Connect with your wounded child – Visualize your wounded inner child and connect with them on a deep level. Listen to their fears, needs, and desires. Show them compassion, love, and acceptance. Let them know that they are safe and protected.
  3. Release the negative patterns – Identify the negative patterns that have kept you stuck in pain and suffering. Release old resentments, fears, and limiting beliefs. Practice forgiveness, gratitude, and positivity. Seek support from friends, family, a therapist or a coach to help you move forward.
  4.  Reconnect with your true self – Reconnect with your true self, your passions, and your purpose. Explore new interests, hobbies, or activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Practice self-care, mindfulness, and self-reflection to deepen your connection with yourself and others.

Healing the wounded child within is a journey of self-discovery and healing. It requires courage, commitment, and compassion. But the rewards are immense: more joy in your life, more fulfillment, and a deep sense of inner peace. Take the first step today and begin your journey towards healing and wholeness. Join me on a six month coaching program for a deeper journey of healing, growth, and expansion.


The Music 

The articles posted here are inspired by my themed yoga classes which combine movement, music, and reflection questions for us to explore spiritual and personal development topics. You can listen to the entire playlist on connecting to our inner child and our wounded inner child by clicking this link to my YouTube Music Playlist.



Shri Ananda is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, wellness coach, musician, and spiritual filmmaker creating music and stories to help us awaken to who we really are. Shri is a grounded and joyful yoga teacher who invites you to journey inward. His classes promote self-understanding, intuition, and transformation from the inside-out through mindful movement and breath work. Ananda is known for his themed ‘Gentle Spirit Yoga’ classes – combining gentle yoga with spiritual exploration through music and movement . He is presently instructing at Global Fitness in Kelowna, British Columbia and hosts retreats around the world.





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