Host a Screening of Out of the Darkness

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you share Out of the Darkness with your community.

Many people around the world are organizing screenings of Out of the Darkness in cinemas, local theaters and yoga studios. Since we want to encourage people to spread the word, we have set up a Screening Program to help people organize their screenings.

We have several screening packages available, which you can find below. Go to our webshop below and add the screening permission to your shopping cart. Once your payment has been confirmed, we will provide you with a screening permission. You will also receive a copy of the DVD at your home address that can be used for the screening.


Where can I host the screening?

In your home, at your local theater, Yoga center, or any other community venue. You can charge for tickets, ask for a suggested donation, or make it free–it’s up to you.


How much does it cost?

We go by the honor system here at Wellness Realization. Please note that by paying for this screening you are supporting independent filmmakers and helping us to continue to make the films you want to see and share!

Here are our one time screening fees:

1-50 people………….$170

51-100 people……$220

101-250 people….$270

251-499 people…$370

500+ people………..$520


What you will get:
  • DVD of the film
  • PDFs of posters and postcards to help you promote the event
  • Promotion on our website, your events will be posted on our calendar and social media pages

Select the proper screening amount from the dropdown, finish the checkout process, and you’re on your way! We will email you a link to download your promotional materials and mail you a copy of the DVD.


Please note that by making this purchase you are agreeing to a one time only screening of Out of the Darkness.

How to Host a Screening

Here’s the basic program we recommend, which you can modify as you like.

  • Welcome and introductions (15 min.)
  • Watch the Film (25min.)
  • Debrief/Talk about concepts of the film (40 min.)


What’s Involved
Step 1 – Set the date and time

Pick a day that’s convenient for you. Allow 1.5 hours for the event. 2.5 hours includes set up and clean up.


Step 2 – Invite your guests

Decide who you’re inviting and send out invitations. You can do this via Email, Facebook, Evite or any other way you choose.


Step 3 – Prepare your materials

Download the Screening Kit. This will come in a confirmation email after you register. You will need a TV, computer, and/or a digital projector and screen to watch the movie.


Step 4 – Get set up

Get the film ready to screen.  It helps to test ahead of time to get the sound levels right and make sure everything is all running smoothly.


Step 5 – Follow up

Please contact us with any suggestions that will help make this process more helpful for future screenings.

Contact Us

Do you have a comment or question about an event, or booking Shri to speak? We look forward to connecting.

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