The Silent Awakening

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Have you been feeling that shifting within yourself, in how you see the world? Do the old stories, old systems, old structures, and old ways of doing things no longer make sense to you? – you’ve been awakening. Awakening to who you really are, to your highest self. We have entered a time of great transformation and renewal on the planet. Whether you’ve been on this path for thirty years or just stepping into it, this playlist is guaranteed to help you grow and expand.


Some of you will remember during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s having to purchase an entire album or CD just so you could own that one song. If you resonate with the full piano version of ‘Aloha Ke Akua’ you may have to have that experience again. I could only find this song on a compilation album of electronic artists. I didn’t love the album but just to have this one song is still worth the $10 to me. Aloha Ke Akua is Hawaiian and translated means ‘Thank God’. ‘And if you wish to survive you will find the guide inside‘ – everything we need to know already resides inside, we just need to tap into the guru within. As we awaken we begin to remember who we really are which leads to a knowing – knowing the Universe has our back, knowing that we are part of the Divine.


The veils of ignorance, illusion and separation are lifted during our awakening. “And only love can lift the veil, the veil away, only love can take its place” – Tina Malia. “The veils are finally lifting is also mentioned in the theme song for the unconventional documentary ‘Thrive’ that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Both the film and the song performed by Austin Willacy & Ariel Thiermann are brilliant.


We shed our quest for happiness through material possession as we awaken. Gold and riches that can make the ego feel good do not nourish the soul in the same way. You can still enjoy ‘nice things’ but ‘things’ begin to lose their appeal. Jack Johnson’s ‘Gone’ is a beautiful piece revealing the awkwardness of our materialism/consumerism thirst. Jack is such a conscious artist that I felt compelled to include his ‘Good People’ song in this playlist as well. I am a huge advocate for alternative media as the corporate systems are fear based and agenda influenced. Our televisions have become one of our biggest distractions/addictions. Jack recognizes this and I believe he is inviting us to question the moral ethics of television programming including the news. Traditional broadcasting models do not support the awakening, thank goodness we are living in a time where we have alternatives.


Xavier Rudd’s eco-anthem ‘Messages’ reminds us of the raping and pillaging of mother earth. As you awaken you reconnect to the planet and have a knowing that she is pain; “Look to your soul, for these things that you know”. The soul is our inner guru and already knows that the path of the collective is not sustainable. “You know some people, they just won’t understand, they just won’t understand these things”. It’s not that they ‘can’t’ understand it’s that they ‘won’t’ understand. The truth is inconvenient for those with a lust to consume or to those stuffing their pockets from her resources. For some it is that they simply don’t see. The veils of illusion and ignorance have been embedded into our culture. As we awaken we wish that everyone could see what we can see. We do have to appreciate that each of us is awakening in our own time, at our own speed.


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I would like to invite you to support these artists by purchasing the songs that you resonate with. Illegal downloading cripples independent artists like myself; we can’t keep producing music without your love and support – plus it’s good karma and honors the energetic flow between us…


Sample the Playlist


Support the Artists (links to iTunes)

Song Title

Shavasana (Relaxing Sounds)


Aloha Ke Akua (Acoustic Piano Version)

The Silent Awakening





Thrive (Unplugged)

Good People

Awakening (feat. Manose) [Live]

At The Close Of The Day


Meditation Guru

East Forest

Nahko & Medicine for the People

Tina Malia

Jack Johnson

Xavier Rudd

David Newman

Jerry Hannan

Austin Willacy & Ariel Thiermann

Jack Johnson

Deva Premal & Miten

Jason Fowler


Meditation – Tibetan Meditation Music

Love Bomb

The Bloom Series, Vol. 2: New World

The Silent Awakening

On & On

Food in the Belly

Love Is Awake


Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?

In Between Dreams

The Yoga of Sacred Song and Chant

Southwest Spa


I believe we need to move the music medicine around the planet to support the awakening that is unfolding within each of us. We need to support these beautiful artists so that they can continue producing music that will lift the vibration of the planet. Please share the blog and if you know of some really great songs/artists that need to be included in future playlists, connect with me. Love & Light my friends…


Shri Ananda is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, musician, and spiritual filmmaker creating music and stories to help us awaken to who we really are. Shri is a grounded and joyful yoga teacher who invites you to journey inward. His classes promote self-understanding, intuition, and transformation from the inside-out through mindful movement and breath work. Ananda is known for his themed ‘Gentle Spirit Yoga’ classes – combining gentle yoga with spiritual exploration through music . He is presently instructing at Tandava Yoga in Kelowna, British Columbia and hosts retreats around the world.





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