After producing multiple music videos and co-creating indie film projects, Shri made the leap to writer, director and producer in 2016. In a whirlwind of divinely guided creativity he produced a short-film in just 7 weeks. ‘Out of the Darkness’ went on to win ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Post-Production’ in its first film festival. Shri is now working towards producing a full feature film based on a script he has written about healing our inner child.

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Title: Out of the Darkness

Running Time: 23 mins

Genre: Spiritual Drama

Summary: Director Shri Ananda’s short film takes us on a spiritual journey of awakening to who we really are. Inspired by the corporate greed our planet can no longer sustain. Can we navigate our way out of the darkness? An inspirational film exploring the shifting of consciousness.

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Director Shri Ananda masterfully weaves together art, music and story-telling to explore the shifting of consciousness on the planet.

Audiences agree that Mia’s journey mirrors their own as she navigates her way out of her darkness and into the light.

Current Film Project

Title: Healing Echoes

Running Time: Full Feature (approximately 120 mins)

Genre: Spiritual Drama

Logline: Four early middle age adults embark on a soul-searching quest to mend the scars of the past, finding redemption for their inner wounded child.

Synopsis: While sitting at his dying father’s bedside, University Psychology Professor Jim Riley enters the dark night of the soul leading back to childhood. His wife Diane and their friends Linda and Daniel are also confronted with their own inner wounded child traumas. The pain story is too overwhelming for one of them resulting in suicide. The other three are left to find resilience and healing or to repeat the cycles of abuse and addiction.


Our lives are an accumulation of old stories; the adversities, struggles, and challenges we have faced. We have stories of joy and bliss, but our pain stories are where we get stuck. The stories that we never had a chance to heal from. Perhaps they were just too painful to deal with in the moment or perhaps there was no one there to guide us thru the healing process. For many of us these stories unfolded during our childhood and continue to impact the adults we are today.

There is a theme that threads thru those childhood stories. It weaves the experiences that continue to unfold in our adult lives as parents, partners, and in our careers. Are you healing from a story of either abandonment, betrayal, loss, or rejection? This story has four lead characters, each having one of these four pain stories from childhood. This film project is focusing on healing the wounded child within us and we need your help to do it.

Finding Our Funding Partners


Our goal for Phase One of this project is to raise $36,000 by the Fall of 2023. This first phase will see the completion of the script, filming budget, location and casting. We anticipate this phase will be completed at the end of 2023 with filming starting in 2024. The full budget and timeline will be made available near the end of 2023 for Phase Two (filming and editing) and Phase Three (distribution and marketing). We invite people who are drawn to making an impact through spirituality and art to contribute this $36,000 or a portion thereof through:

– Philanthropy: donation or grant

– as an Investor in the film project

We welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss with you. Please share this project with those that you feel might resonate with it. We trust that the Universe is guiding this journey and we are grateful for your part in bringing us together with conscious leaders to bring it to life.

In this moment we are in development and pre-production of this project. If you are drawn to spiritual cinema and would like to support the development of this film, please donate what you feel called to give by clicking the donate button below.

Donations are accepted through PayPal – the safer, easier way to pay online. 100% of all donations received are being used to bring this film to the BIG screen. Thank you for supporting independent artists and indie films.

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