Music has the power to inspire and empower us, to create positive social change, unity and peace in the world… One song at a time, one voice at a time, one collective at a time. As pure vibrations, music has always been, and always will be a powerful source of energy.

Shri is a conscious musician inspired by the folk artists of the sixties and the rock legends of every generation thereafter. He has a unique offering of music, storytelling, and philosophy in both his singer/songwriter solo projects and with his rock band ‘Aside from Sorrow’.

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Inspirational speaker Shri Ananda believes that music is the most powerful form of storytelling that we have. He wanted to find a way to add live music to his resilience stage presentations to create rock concerts with a message. In 2010 he recruited three high school musicians and formed the band ‘Aside from Sorrow’.


Initially the group performed cover songs during two hour events known as ‘The Rock’n Resiliency Project’. Within a year of performing and bonding, the band quickly outgrew playing the songs of others and started writing their own. ‘You’re Beautiful’ is the first song that Shri wrote and turned out to be the band’s first recording studio experience and first music video!

Those high school students are now young men. Within five years the band has recorded two albums and have their music featured in film and television.



Shri is presently working on a acoustic solo project. Here is a demo track for ‘Set Them Free’. The song is inspired by his latest film project about healing our inner child.

What happens to the same song when you add a harmonica, two cellos, and twenty other musicians? It’s pretty cool, check out this jam.

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