The Road to Resiliency


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by Shri Ananda (nee Troy Payne)
Trafford Publishing / February 07, 2011


Why do some people who endure incredible adversities grow to lead healthy, harmonious lives while others who endure similar tragedies repeat destructive cycles, never able to break free from the chains that hold them down? What must be in place in order for us to move forward through our own crises or to act as an effective support for someone else?


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• International Best Seller
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8 reviews for The Road to Resiliency

  1. Shri Ananda

    Patricia Morgan
    Author of ‘From Woe to Wow’

    The Road to Resiliency’ provides the map from reaching in to reaching out and from seeking answers to forgiving our human errors. Payne has written a book of inspirational triumph!

  2. Shri Ananda

    Sheila Unique
    Author of ‘Quick Shifts’

    True Example! It lights my heart to feel such a true living example of what it is to walk through adversity and find peace within. Amazing how Troy takes his experiences and opens the the doors for others to follow! Awesome read!

  3. Shri Ananda

    Terri Levine
    Author of ‘Coaching is for Everyone’

    Highly recommend this read!
    Heart warming story with a huge message. You will for sure get the messages you need and learn to be more resilient through this beautiful story.

  4. Shri Ananda

    Sheri Fink
    Author of ‘The Little Rose’

    Troy Payne explores extreme adversities to have a positive impact in the lives of youth. In his book, “The Road to Resiliency,” he paints a portrait of a child struggling with abuse and neglect. His story is full of resilience and hope for a better life, and he shares a path to inspire and empower others to do the same. Troy’s powerful story will undoubtedly help people overcome their adversities to experience a life of peace, love, and abundance.

  5. Shri Ananda

    Teresa De Grosbois
    Author of ‘Fiona’s Fortitude’

    One of the most important books I’ve read this year! Troy Payne offers a brilliant combination of his personal journey with engaging insights in how to create and live a resilient life. This would be an ideal book for anyone with troubled kids or anyone who’s faced significant challenge in their life. I stayed up way to late reading it. Could not put it down!

  6. Shri Ananda

    Rhonda Victoor
    Author of ‘Modern Tales of Ancient Wisdom’

    This is a moving story of overcoming adversity – the opening story is such a page turner. And it’s rich with tools that adults (and teenagers) can use to build resiliency. It’s extremely well written and very powerful. What I love best is how REAL the entire book is. Troy Payne’s style makes you feel like you’re having a conversation with him. It made me want to see him present his keynote again!

  7. Shri Ananda

    Troy White

    Troy has written an incredible book that will help many people struggling with life’s challenges. Life isn’t always easy but some seem to be handed all the bad cards in a row. Troy shows you how he overcame a ‘bad hand’ and how you can too.

    I do hope you read this if you feel things aren’t exactly going your way, or if you are just looking for new ideas on how to make more out of what you have.

    A great read for everyone who loves a heart warming story.

  8. Shri Ananda

    Stephen Hobbs

    As an vision-keeper of the wellthy lifestyle, I appreciate when I meet someone like Troy, and hear/read his personal story. His account of resiliency is sooooo worth your time. I read the book in one sitting! I was drawn into his story, albeit I was a shoulder voyeur. AND YET, I got my sense of his in-the-moment experiences. I felt them, I could see them! Therefore … I encourage you to journey with Troy as you become informed about resilience.

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